Handmade Decoupage Decorative Bottle

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Handmade Decoupage Decorative Bottle


Handmade item
Materials: bottle,
acrylic paint,
acrylic varnish,
texture paste,
golden wax


Handmade Decoupage Decorative Bottle


Handmade Decoupage Decorative Bottle is a glass wine bottle decorated by me. I use decoupage technique, texture paste and acrylic paints.

The bottle is painted with high quality acrylic paints. Finished with matte acrylic varnish.

This decoupage glass bottle is undeniably unique. Display it in your home or your office and it will surely impress the artistic eye. Perfect gift for you and your loved ones.

To clean this Bottle use a damp cloth, do not put into a dishwasher, do not use aggressive detergents, do not soak them for a long time and to not wash them in hot weather. This bottle is ready to ship.

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